Though a large part of Balıkesir takes place in South Marmara, the city has soil both in Marmara Region and Aegean Region It is surrounded with Bursa, Kütahya in the East, İzmir and Manisa in the South, Aegean Sea and Çanakkale in the West and Marmara Sea in the North. The surface area is 14,292 km2 and altitude of the city center is 139 meters. Consisting of 18 counties and 3 towns connected to the center, the population of Balıkesir is above 1 million. Balıkesir, placed on

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Welcome to the big family of Balıkesir University in which the mission of being the first is adopted with the proverb of “Contemporary in Education, Science, Art”. Firstly congratulations for showing the success of being a university student after a semester which is full of sacrifice. Balıkesir University which lives and provides the experience with its history of over 100 years and dynamism with its establishment in 1992 is going forward in the path of being first and example

Why Balıkesir University?

WThe city of Balıkesir which has given its name to our university is an important center of attraction as a heaven of culture and tourism with its towns like Ayvalık, Altınoluk, Edremit, Erdek and Gönen which have countless natural and historical beauties . Balıkesir which offers easiness for transportation with its closeness to major cities like İzmir, Manisa, Bursa, Çanakkale, İstanbul and which connects Marmara to firstly Aegean and other continents because of its geographical location is a bridge and transformation point at the center of planned investment for the transportation of land, sea and air.

Balıkesir University ,with its history which is based on Karesi Teacher School established in 1910, was founded in accordance with the law 3837 published in 21281 numbered gazette dated July 11st,1992. Besides being in service with 10 Faculties, 4 Instituets, 16 Vocational Schools, 17 Research Centers, 3 Departments connected to the Presidency, 1659 instructors and 35920 students in total,Balıkesir University that has sent 810 students to 20 different countries till now is “A University of the World”.

Why Balıkesir?

Balıkesir has counties such as Ayvalık, Altınoluk, Edremit, Erdek ve Gönen having numerous historical and natural beauties. Furthermore it is an important center of attraction as a cultural and tourist paradise.

Oğuzhan DEMİR

Shipbuilding Department 2009- 2015

What are the aspects you like about the Balikesir University ?

With a strong academic staff. It is a whole.

Faruk Yavuz

Environmental Engineering 2012 - 2018

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