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Balıkesir University

Modern in Education, Science and Art

Despite being a young university, BAUN has Faculties, Institutes, Schools and Vocational Schools which are pacesetter in researching, education, training expert and intermediate staff as it is strong in terms of its historical roots. As well as the scientific researches and its education, our university enables the young within the body of itself to reach more modern, more creative, more participative and mentally healthier system by handling their growth in social, cultural and sportive areas and it carries out a range of activities for them to use their existing energies positively. Our students can be a member of social, cultural and sportive student societies which is a wide range from Theatre, Literature, Painting to Step and Modern Dance and Folk Dances, from Science and Technology to Cinema, Photography, Computer and Internet, from Nature-Environment and Travel to Volunteer Sister-Brother and Grandchild, Education of Disabled and Helpless Children, Eurasia, and Ethical Values Society

Cagis Campus has been established on 5000 hectared-area on the 17th km of Balıkesir-Bigadic Road inside Cagis and Pasakoy boarders.

Presidency Building, Health Application and Research Hospital Medical Faculty, Architecture and Engineering Faculty, Arts and Science Faculty, , Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Tourism Faculty, Veterinerian Faculty, Balıkesir Health School, School of Physical Training and Sports, Balıkesir Vocational School, Indoor Sports Hall Outdoor Sports Thesisesl, Semi-olimpic Pool, Convention Culture Centre, Central Library, Central Cafeteria, Student Wellness Center, KYK (CDI) Dormitories ve Student Bazaar are placed at Çağış Campus.

At our university

There are

11 Faculties

5 Institutes

5 Schools, 16 Vocational Schools

20 Research Centers


Location and History

Though a large part of Balıkesir takes place in South Marmara, the city has soil both in Marmara Region and Aegean Region It is surrounded with Bursa, Kütahya in the East, İzmir and Manisa in the South, Aegean Sea and Çanakkale in the West and Marmara Sea in the North. The surface area is 14,292 km2 and altitude of the city center is 139 meters. Consisting of 18 counties and 3 towns connected to the center, the population of Balıkesir is above 1 million. Balıkesir, placed on the soil having a characteristic of transition zone throughout history, is an old settlement having a coast of two different seas. It is understood there has been settlements around Balıkesir from 3200 B.C. till now. It is seen that Pelasgs having come over the Balkans colonized in the years 2000 B.C. From that date till Turks came to the region known as MYSİA, the existence of such important ancient cities as Kyzikos, Daskyleion , Adrammytteion and Antandros is known. After the years 1200 B.C, Phrygians came under the domination of Lydians and Persians. In 334 B.C, the Great Alexander defeated Persians in Gronikos (Biga) and therefore first Macedonia Era and then the Bergama Kingdom Era started. After 130 B.C., it was connected to Rome Empire and then it came under the domination of Byzantine Empire.

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