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Housing Facilities

To meet our students' housing needs in Balıkesir, dormitory-Setup of 1036 capacity sorority with 988 capacity of the boys dorm existing 1,500-person dormitory in the campus, as well as a works for a male dorm belonging to Yurt-Kur of 1044 people continues.

Balıkesir University Foundation Uniballer Enterprise Higher Education Male Dormitory serves in the location of Çayırhisar. The dormitory is with 185-capacity, rooms are for 1-2-3-4 persons. There is a a health care clinic for dorm cafeteria, laundry, reading and study rooms, a computer, the necessary equipment and to use the internet. Also located in Balikesir Central trellises Soma Street Necatibey Faculty of Education located next to the sorority , has a capacity of 5-storey, 32 single rooms, including 36 double; a total of 104 beds.

Balıkesir University Foundation Male’s Dormitory

134 classrooms and 185 student capacity hostel serves a foundation for male students. There are single, double and triple rooms in the dormitory. Free and uninterrupted internet service in the room can be taken from the computer room on the ground floor, on behalf of their students from Telecom (regardless of residence) are active phone lines that can make membership. Also, if they want, students can have a mini-fridge and television in their rooms. Study hall is open 24 hours for students' course work. Laundry serves 5 days a week (provided that students pay the detergents). The foundation has a 24-hour domestic hot water. The cafe is available for students 7 days a week with snacks.

Room Type Annual Fee (Including KDV )
Single rooms (big room) 4.750,00 TL (475,00 x 10 Months)
Single Room 4.500,00 TL (450.00 x 10 Months)
Double rooms (per person) 4.000,00 TL (400.00 x 10 Months)
Triple rooms (per person) 3.750.00 TL (375.00 x 10 Months)

Phone:(0266) 221 55 70 - 75

Balıkesir University Foundation Male Dormitory's pre-registration form can be found here.

Ayten-Burhan Erdayı Girls Dormitory

The sorority located in Soma Street Çardaklı that is near the Necatibey Faculty of Education has the capacity 5-storey, 32 single rooms, including 36 double; a total of 104 beds. Students have a special desk in dormitory rooms and cabinets, bookcases, all rooms have en-suite bathroom, 24 hours hot water, mini fridge. There is unlimited wireless internet, fire alarm, lift, 24 hour security, a laundry room and Study room in the dormitory. Necatibey Faculty of Education's location next to our dormitory, to other faculty areas, the campus is close to the bus-minibus station and shopping center, it makes the lives of students easier.

Ayten-Burhan Erdayı Girls Dormitory's photos can be found here

Room Type Annual Fee (Including KDV)
Single Room 6500.00 TL (650.00 x 10 Months)
Double rooms (per person) 5.000,00 TL (550.00 x 10 Months)
Triple rooms (per person) 4.500.00 TL (450.00 x 10 Months)
Contact 0-266- 244 23 54 - 55

Ayten-Burhan Erdayı Girls Dormitory's pre-registration form can be found here.

Kredi Yurtlar Kurumu(KYK) (State owned dormitory)

In the center of Balıkesir there is an accommodation facility for boys and girls for 2024 guests. Çağış Campus construction is substantially completed and the opening of KYK is planned for 1000 persons in 2012.

Also there is girls dormitory with a capacity of 600 in Bandırma, 216 in Havran and a capacity of 114 boys dormitory.

Burhaniye School of Applied Sciences Implementation and Training Facility

Address: Ören Mah. Örentepe Mevkii 10700 Burhaniye / BALIKESİR
Phone : (0266) 416 21 28
Fax : (0266) 416 15 07

School of Applied Sciences Burhaniye Implementation and Training Facility' photos can be found here.

Residorm Student Dormitory

Residorm Dormitory located in Balikesir University campus Çağış; adopting the concept of a new generation of domestic, social opportunities and improved comfort for students with different room options, offers a safe and fun living space.

Depending on the university campus located in Residorm brings a different perspective to the homeland concept and with easy access to the services.

Şok supermarket, gym, café - restaurants, game rooms, and a hair salon stationery market area is located right next to Residorm is intended to serve the needs of students.
Also there is wc and shower in the rooms to provide ease of use to the students.

Services offered on Residorm are as follows:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Shared kitchen area
  • Mini fridge in rooms
  • Study rooms
  • 24-hour security
  • Reception
  • Continuous hot water
  • TV / activity rooms
  • Laundry
  • Each floor has hot / cold water dispensers
  • Market area

Web sitesi:
Call Center: 0850 200 22 22
Phone: 0266 999 1 666
Residorm website can be found here.