• Welcome to the International Office at Balıkesir University! The International Office coordinates international relationships and agreements with foreign institutions in the university. The principle purposes of the office are to promote the university in international arena and to develop cultural and academic ties with foreign higher education institutions. The Office is responsible for implementing the EU Education and Cultural programs, the 7th Framework Programme, and Bologna process in the university. In order to internationalize the university, the Office, on one hand, develops ties with EU and non-EU institution and, on the other hand, trains university personnel about international opportunities. The Office actively involves in the EU Education and Youth programs and we aim to improve University’s performance in these programs. Please browse through our pages to learn about Balıkesir and Balıkesir University, to examine our degree programs and their European Credit Transfer System guides.

    Balikesir University , International Office , Rectorate Building, 5th floor, Çağış Campus , 10145 Balikesir
    +90 266 612 14 00/1620-1621-1622
    +90 266 612 14 52

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