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The foundation of Balıkesir University trace back to Karesi Teacher School established in 1910. This school has been carried to the building which is used as Necatibey Faculty of Education with particular interests of the Minister of Education, Mr. Mustafa Necati. Till 1982, the number of higher education institues reached 4: Necati Institution of Education, Architecture and Engineering State Academy, Balıkesir School of Industry and Tourism, Balıkesir Vocational School. These foundations changed status with Delegated Legislation No 41, and were connected to Uludag University. Necatibey Teacher’s Training School continued to train teachers between the years 1932 and 1982 under the name of Necati Institution of Education, left its 3-year status, received 4-year-Higher Teacher Training School status. In 1982, having been connected to Uludağ University, this foundation has been called Necatibey Faculty of Education. In the same way, the name of Balıkesir School of Industry and Tourism has been changed as Balıkesir School of Tourism and Hotel Management, but the name of 2-year-Balıkesir Vocational School has remained the same. Having stayed under the roof of Uludağ University for 10 years, these foundations has formed a powerful background for Balıkesir University with healthy and consistent development. Balıkesir University was founded in accordance with the law 3837 published in 21281 numbered gazette dated July 11st, 1992. Having incorporated since January 1st, 1993, Balıkesir University has been carrying on its activities with 11 faculties, 5 institues, 5 schools, 16 vocational schools, 20 research centers,1081 instructors and 38.892 students.


Cagis Campus has been established on 5000 hectared-area on the 17th km of Balıkesir-Bigadic Road inside Cagis and Pasakoy boarders.

Presidency Building, Medical Faculty, Architecture and Engineering Faculty, Arts and Science Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Tourism Faculty, Balıkesir School of Health, Balıkesir Vocational School, Sports Centre, Convention Culture Centre, Central Cafeteria, Central Researching Lab, semi-olimpic poolandopen sports thesises are placed at Cagis Campus.

It has been planned Health Application and Research Hospital, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and School of Physical Training and Sports are completed at the end of 2013.


The Access to Balıkesir University Cagis Campus is provided with municipal buses and minibuses. Also, transportation with Bigadic and Sındırgı buses is also available.


In NEF Campus, Necatibey Faculty of Education, School of Physical Training and Sports, Medicosocial centre, Balıkesir University Recreational Facilities, Sabiha Gökçen Kindergarden NEF Office are placed.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Theology take place in the centrum of the city.


The library of our university aims to be a knowledge center which has an active duty on the development of educational activities and by this way puts the necessary knowledge sources it collects into service to its users.

With such sources as reference books, other books, periodicals etc., it services in a 1000 m2 square with sitting area for 250 people inside the building of Presidency. Our students can make use of the library in Necatibey Faculty of Education.


Balıkesir University makes a point of taking advantage of information Technologies to get the best efficiency in education preeminently. For this reason, there are computer labs in faculties and schools. All the labs are connected to the Internet and the Access of the students to the Internet is provided even out of periods. The registration of the students’ courses are carried out on the Internet. In Cagis Campus,150 mbps speed-Internet is available.


In our Campus,different bank ATMs are found. In Student Bazaar on Campus,there are different facilities such as a branch of post Office, offices of intercity bus companies, cafes etc. oriented from the needs of students.