How to Reach



You can go Balıkesir, which is one the most important cities of Marmara Region, by land, air way, railway and sea. The distance of Balıkesir to Ankara is: 533km; Çanakkale: 207km; İzmir: 173km; Bursa: 151km; Eskişehir: 300km and İstanbul: 394km.

Airway Transportation
Balıkesir Airport in Balıkesir and Kocaseyit Airport in Edremit have direct flights to either Ankara or Istanbul. There are scheduled bus services from Edremit to Balıkesir.

Koca Seyit Airport:
02663761297 / 3761302

Ferry Transportation After landing Ataturk Airport, you can take subway and get off at Aksaray stop. To reach ferry from Aksaray stop, you can either choose bus or taxi. Also from Ataturk Airport to Yenikapı you can go by taxi in 15-20 minutes which costs around 20€. To book tickets online and check Ferry schedules please visit:
You need to make the following selection for your tickets. (Approx. Journey Duration: 2.5 hours)
Departure: Yenikapı
Arrival: Bandırma
For more information, you can call: 444 4 436
You can take bus or train from Bandırma to Balıkesir.

Bus Transportation
At The Ataturk Airport, you can take the subway to go Esenler Bus Station. You can find several bus services to Balıkesir. You can check the departure hours and choose one that is suitable for you. At Balıkesir Bus Station, you need to go Kredi Yurtar Kurumu stop using local buses and there take the Çağış Campus buses to reach Main Campus (which is approx. 30 minutes)