Prof. Dr. İlter KUŞ

Date and Place of Birth: Adana(1970)
Graduated from : Ankara University
E-Mail: ilterkus
Telefon: (0 266) 612 14 10
Fax: (0 266) 612 14 12

He was born in 1970 in Adana. He completed his primary and secondary education in Adana. In 1994, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary. In 1995, he started his doctorate education in the department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine in Fırat University. At the end of 1995, he was appointed as a research assistant to the same department. In 1999, he completed his doctorate degree. In 2000, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor. In 2005, he received the title of Associate Professor. In 2009, he started working at Balıkesir University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy. In 2010, he received the title of Professorship.
He has been the Head of Anatomy Department at the Faculty of Medicine of Balıkesir University since 2009 and was the Head of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine between 2013 – 2016. Between 2010-2011, Prof. Dr. İlter KUŞ worked as the director of İvrindi Vocational School of Health Services and the director of Balıkesir School of Health between the years of 2011-2014. Prof. Dr. İlter KUŞ worked as vice president of Balıkesir University between the years of 2014-2018.
Prof. Dr. İlter KUŞ, whose experiments focused on the neuroendocrine system, has 51 papers within the context of SCI and SCI-Expanded articles, 48 papers within the context of national peer-reviewed journals. He has over 100 national and international declarations with participation to symposiums. Prof. Dr. İlter KUŞ’s h-index is 19 and his international articles received 684 citations. He is married and has two children.
Professor Dr. İlter KUŞ was appointed as the Rector of Balıkesir University with the Presidential decree published on 27.12.2018.