Prof. Dr. Kerim ÖZDEMİR

Branch: International Economics
Date and Place of Birth: Balıkesir (1953)
Graduated from : Ankara University
E-Mail: kozdemir
Telefon: (0 266) 612 14 10
Fax: (0 266) 612 14 12

Prof. ÖZDEMİR was born in the Alacaatlı village of Sındırgı in Balıkesir in 1953. He received his primary school education in Balıkesir and high school education in Ankara. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University in 1976. He received his PhD education from the Social Sciences Institute of Istanbul University in 1989. He was promoted to associate professor in 1998 while working in Sakarya University in the field of political economy.

In 2004 he became full professor in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics in international economics. Before he was appointed as the rector of Balıkesir University, he was working in Kirgiz- Turkish Manas University in Kirgizstan as the dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. Beside his academic studies, he served as department chair, director and dean in the different university he has worked.

Prof. ÖZDEMİR is married and has three children.