It aims to bring students in society in that students should be aware of the positive and negative aspects of the world in the light of positive and social science and who embrace, protect and develop national, moral, religious, spiritual and cultural values, who are in harmony with their festivals, assimilate all moral and human universal values, who are aware of the rights, freedoms and their responsibilities and who are able to use them effectively, who are historically and culturally possessed, and who are aware of their potentials and who are able to use existing opportunities and conditions in the most efficient way.
Academic Advisor: Assistant Professor Mehmet ÖZKAN

It aims to meet the social needs such as evaluation of leisure time by providing opportunities in society facilities, protecting the physical and mental health of the students and contributing to the development of the students to organize informative activities about the aikido sports, to make activities that will be of interest to the aikido in the university.
Academic Advisor: Assistant Professor Barış ŞENTUNA

It aims to prepare joint programs, events and projects in coordination with other communities in the university in order to create a youth who will walk with sure steps into tomorrow and who will live in today without forgetting the past, devoted to patriotism, nation, state and even devoted to humanity, creating a virtuous student society that realized its own essence and organize meetings, panels, forums, seminars, poetry performances, concerts, theater, memorial days, technical and cultural visits to contribute to the preparation of students' professional life and cultural development.
Academic Advisor: Associate Professor İbrahim AYDIN

The Active Life Society provides job and internship opportunities, with no political, ideological and political interest, contributing to the personal, social, cultural and professional development of society members, seminars, conferences and technical trips to society members.
Academic Advisor: Assistant Professor Özay Umut TÜRKAN

It aims to represent our university by participating in national and international project competitions by sharing information about our students with alternative energy sources and their use and to develop the theoretical knowledge learned in the field of practical and social, professional, scientific and artistic activities in the light of all the everyday developments in science and civilization. In order to prepare the students to the social life and contribute to cultural developments, it introduces the historical and spiritual personalities which are material-spiritual collective goods with the world of thought.
Academic Advisor: Professor Bedri YÜKSEL

It is aimed to inform and educate the students and the people of the surrounding area about the search and rescue and first aid skills and information required in case of any emergency disaster (Fire, Earthquake, Flood) and Emergency Situation and to take the necessary trainings.
Academic Advisor: Assistant Professor Davut AKTAŞ

The club was founded in order to ensure that all our students know the ideas and thoughts of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk and his contemporary views. They try to organize panels and conferences on the topic, to present the interviews and demonstrations of significance and importance of the day in important dates.
Academic Advisor: Professor Mehmet ÜNLÜ

It carries out researches on Asian, European and Middle Eastern regions, primarily the Turkish World; organizing seminars and conferences, providing Balıkesir University students with cultural and social extracurricular activities, reviving teamwork and unity among students, and contributing to the personal development of students. Beyond the differences of the Eurasian countries, to bring forward the common cultural structure of this geographical region and to produce ideas that can bring the societies on these lands further. To collaborate with the student communities of our university and other universities and to help them to the utmost level to give place to students who are not a Turkish citizen of our university and a member of Eurasian Geography in events, to exchange information and opinions.
Academic Advisor:

It aims to strengthen friendship relations between Turkish and Azerbaijani students. For this purpose, it aims at ensuring that important people are gathered together, Azerbaijani students visit Turkey universities, Turkish students visit Azerbaijani universities, and important days and holidays are celebrated and remembered together. On the other hand, promotion of Azerbaijanis within the borders of Turkey and Azerbaijan and protection of national spiritual values. It also aims at promoting university students to become more aware of these issues by introducing important people, authors and poets who took part in the history of Azerbaijan and creating new international projects, strengthening their solidarity on international platforms and deepening cultural ties.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülay Ö.YILMAZ

In the computer age we live, we aim to make the students develop on computer and internet. We organize interviews, seminars and conferences on the subject.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. M. Emin KORKUSUZ

The main aims of bicycle society include preserving students’ physical and mental health, supporting students’ development, arranging activities to inform about mountaineering, raising awareness about the importance of using bicycle, teaching bicycle sport using appropriate techniques, representing our university in national and international activities.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Davut AKDAŞ

It aims at strengthening students' theoretical knowledge on the stock market with the help of practical applications by enabling them to follow up developments in money and capital markets, increasing their financial literacy levels, creating a sustainable savings awareness by providing effective use of financial investment Instructoruments, making them carrying out basic and technical analyzes with the help of current financial package programmes, providing interactions with sector representatives, faculty members and other stakeholders through social, cultural and educational activities.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sinan AYTEKİN

Bridge game society aims to gather people who are interested in the game of bridge, joining national and international tournaments, arranging local tournaments, introducing bridge game in our country and making it much more qualified, setting courses for beginners, promoting the teaching of bridge game in schools, issuing periodical magazines about bridge game, following national and international magazines, creating computer games and enriching the university library.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ziya AKSOY

It educates our students about the Çanakkale War, which has an important place in world history, and arranges trips to this city in order to analyze the events on the spot.
Academic Advisor:

In today's conditions; it aims at raising awareness, creating public opinion and making scientific studies on the subjects like the damage of the Ozone layer, global warming, air pollution, global climate change, the need for renewable alternative clean energy, protection of ecological balance etc. It also aims at instiling responsibility to students on these subjects.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Burhanettin FARİZOĞLU

Mountain climbing and winter sports society aims to protect the physical and mental health of the students, support students development, organize activities to give information about mountaineering sport, do activities which will make students be interested in mountaineering and winter sports in university, help them form useful habits in their free time, organize daily peak trekking, trekking, hiking, rock climbing activities, line fishing and its techniques, camping and first aid supplies, discovering nature and environmental cleaning, setting fire in the natural environment and getting clean water, use of provisions and navigation, vegetation and information about it, camping and route order, recreations, educational conferences, seminars and meetings, encourage the students to join federation, other university clubs and special club activities as well as socialize students.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant T.Kerem DEMİRCİOĞLU

It aims at making our students love literature and especially reading books. It represents our university in debate competitions. Each year, it organizes poetry and story contests around Turkey to ensure integration with other universities. It organizes poetry concerts and conferences throughout the year and also tries to inform our students in the field of literature by issuing monthly magazines with its own facilities.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant Ersoy TOPUZKANAMIŞ

The objective of the Balıkesir University Educational Technology Society is to ensure that the rapidly developing innovative information and communication technologies of the society are being followed up, researched and integrated into the education and learning process effectively.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuncay SARITAŞ

Balıkesir University aims to contribute to the technical, cultural and social development of the students, encourage them to make research and take responsibility and let students work together with experienced members of Turkish Defence Industry on common projects.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Erhan BALCI

Our aim is to let our students develop in the field of technology and industry, to keep pace with the progress of technology and to work in these fields. By organizing conferences and excursions about the subject, we try to increase the knowledge of our students.
Academic Advisor: Assist. Doc. Dr. Özay Umut TÜRKAN

Our aim is to provide suggestions and guide them on what, how, where and when to eat and drink depending on the historical, cultural and environmental influences. We try to reveal the differences and similarities between the tastes of the world cuisines by developing theoretical and applied knowledge and skills.
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Düriye BOZOK

The Traditional Archery Society aims to follow developments on the arrow and bow technology on the international and national fields and informing the students about these developments, enhancing student interaction by organizing excursions, conferences, sports activities, interviews, panels, seminars, symposiums, giving them the chance to participate in competitions in national areas.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant Veli Gökhan DEMİR

This newly established society aims to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to ensure that our university students are successful in life when they graduate. We organize conferences and panels about the subject and invite experts in their fields.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burhan AYDEMİR

We aim to make humanitarian aid in the field of health. Also, we want to preserve the health conditions of humanity which is the touchstone of a healthy life arising from our existential value. As future's doctors, we want to help those who don't have access to clean and fresh water, who die as a result of curable diseases and we want to highlight the importance of inherent right of life for the world people.
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. M.Tevfik YAVUZ

This society is in cooperation with TEMA Foundation and organizes various activities for the development of environmental awareness. In certain times, we run tree planting campaigns, participate in annual TEMA meetings and raise awareness on protecting our environment.
Academic Advisor: Instructor Özgür YILMAZ

We aim to contribute to the social and cultural development of the students, to protect their physical and mental health, to increase participation in the sports events organized by our university and intercollegiate ones, to increase the interest in sports and to prevent violence.
Academic Advisor:

Considering the global perspective, a lot of engineering research has been conducted. In order for all of our students to have a successful future in their educational life or business life; our society, on the way of personal development and in the light of knowledge aims to provide alternative opportunities for knowledge access and to offer career opportunities to students, focusing on the use of renewable energy resources, the analysis of emerging technology products, knowledge, research and development.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Doc. Dr. Akın ATAŞ

Our society aims to protect the physical and mental health of the students, contribute to the development of the students, organize paintings, ebru, calligraphy and miniature courses, contribute to their development as researchers and creative people, and recognize and introduce artworks and artists.
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Gülhan VARDAR ÜNLÜ

This society teaches various folk dances to the participants under the supervision of the Instructors, especially local folk dances. We represent our university at the Folklore Competition between universities.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant Kerem AVCI

Aviation society aims to represent notably our country, our university and THSF (TURKEY AIR SPORT FEDERATION) in competitions both in Turkey and abroad; protect the students’ physical and mental health, support their development, introduce paragliding –an extreme sport- to everybody and encourage them to try this flight pleasure; introduce our society in the areas where the competitions take place, learn the culture of these areas and conserve it.
Academic Advisor: Instructor Mehmet Faik ŞENERGİN

Aims of this society are; to make populations of the animals living in forest area in Çağış settlement under control and to continue their lives in natural habitats, to make presentations to inform academic, administrative personnel and students sensitive to this issue, to distribute brochures, to raise awareness of volunteer consciousness, ensuring that the work necessary for dissemination is carried out by volunteers. In coordination with the members in order to protect the health of the society; conducting vaccination activities, treating sick and injured animals, detecting and rehabilitating animals exhibiting behavioral disorders. In case of emergency, to evaluate and investigate the complaints by contacting related departments of university administration, to determine the complainant animal, to notify the platform and to take the animal under the supervision through the decision of the expert veterinarian. To ensure that food residues collected from our food facilities alternately by the members of the Society dry food and water are fed to the feeding points on a regular basis in the wooded areas of the settlement without causing environmental pollution. It aims to identify the persons who ill-treat animals and to intervene in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Protection Act No. 5199
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erdal İRTEM

Science and civilization society aims to support our students cultural, artistic, scientific, personal, social, professional developments in the light of emerging developments from past to the present, to introduce and keep historical and spiritual figures the society adopted materialistically and morally alive with their world of thought and prepare the students for the social life.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant İsmail CANER

The Women's and Life Society has a few integral core aims. These principles start with questioning and researching the position of women in society and expand to identifying problems encountered by women in academic life, drawing attention to these problems and developing solutions for them. Another aim of the group's success is to identify the physical, social and psychological problems faced by women students in educational institutions and to develop a solution-oriented women's solidarity. It aims to raise awareness for women to live an effective life away from public isolation and discrimination and to develop a point of view, aiming to become a platform that has a collective work discipline and activities that will be shared by academics and students in this context.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant Selcen KÜLTEKİN

Career and personal development society aims to create a career conscious, generate ideas in socio-economic and cultural areas, provide theoretical and practical background about academic career, contribute to the cultural, professional and social development of the students and support their inquisitive and creative qualifications.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Dr. Burhan AYDEMİR

It aims to link and integrate our colleges in Edremit Gulf, to contribute to the cultural, social and professional life of the students without any financial or moral interest, to increase the knowledge and skill levels of the students through professional seminars given by experts, and to organize events where teamwork is held in the foreground, and to improve the spirit of sociability.
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sabriye ÇELİK UĞUZ

Balıkesir University, Bird Watching and Nature Society (BALKUŞ & DOĞA) aims to observe, identify and countbirds, which are one of the most typical indicators of a healthy nature, attracting people with their diversity, behavior and colors as well as to contribute to nature conservation work by visiting different bird observing sites and communicating with different bird observing communities, and to provide data for these studies.
Academic Advisor: Research Assistant Bekir DERİNÖZ

To create an environment in which the students of Balıkesir University who are devoted to books and libraries will come together and share scientific and cultural information. To inspire the love of reading to Balıkesir University students and to increase their intellectual development with cultural activities.
Academic Advisor:

This society aims at making contribution at students’ social and cultural development and at the same time aims at adopting the dance which is regarded as one of the sport types as a sport discipline at our university and in our country.
Academic Advisor: Research Asst. Alp Kaan KİLCİ

Mines and mining society aims to introduce the mining profession at all points, emphasize the role of mining and mining potential in Turkey on the development of country, inform about the relationship between mining and environment, support producing projects and relations with other organizations, enhance students’ professional and cultural knowledge.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurcihan CERYAN

This society aims the university students to develop projects and to be included in these projects with the help of academic organizations within the university and by the collaboration with other universities, to increase the mathematical literacy level of students at Balıkesir University, to adopt and implement mathematic education to the academic studies at Balıkesir University, to organize different types of social events related to current developments in mathematics and developing the interaction between the students, by designing mathematics education and research projects to conduct these projects and support or to encourage students for new mathematics or education projects, to be in communication with other private institutions and other universities; to organize seminar, workshop, conference and such events, to attend the events that are organized by other institutions, to help students gain their self-confidence about mathematics and to support their unique ideas and studies.
Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sebahattin İKİKARDEŞ

This society aims to support the academic development of students in socio-cultural and spiritual-psychological consultancy, to try to increase the quality of their life with the help of organizations, to contribute to their spiritual development, help the students become self-confident citizens, to assist the students develop their personal potentials in the way to become professionals about socio-cultural and spiritual-psychological consultancy, to promote in this area and to provide academic support for the students planning to get master education in this area, to support the collaboration of students with departments and non-governmental organizations, and to organize seminars, panels, conferences and trips in this regard and to be in collaboration with Balıkesir University Spiritual-Psychological Consultancy Application and Research Centre in common programs and projects.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KOÇ

The idea of establishing such a society is suggested by the students who adopted unity and collectivity feeling right after the 15th July occupation attempt in our country. After all these events, this society aims to organize activities that make the students carry on the spirit of 15th July and in that sense to organize seminars, panels, conferences and trips and to bring in the national values which are about to extinguish.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Emre GÖRDÜK

Architecture and design society aims to contribute to the communication of students in the Department of Architecture with both within themselves in their department and with the real people from the sector and to introduce and make architecture more comprehensible as a job.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bedriye ASIMGİL

Among the major objectives of engineers and technicians society are: raising awareness of engineer and technician candidates about transportation, construction, economy, education, security and every technical activity, supporting their professional, cultural and social development and providing them creative and inquisitive qualifications.
Academic Advisor: Instructor Burcu AYDEMİR

Music society includes a Turkish Folk Music Club and a Rock Club and gives concerts. Chorus and concerts are organized.
Academic Advisor: Research Asst. Süleyman UZUNER

Orienteering society aims to support students’ mental and physical development, determination of activity places and increasing the maps, making orienteering camping organizations, giving information about map reading, raising awareness about the ways of struggling with the difficulties in nature and representing our university at orienteering tournaments.
Academic Advisor

To arrange scientific and social activities to university students to introduce psychology science and counseling psychology as well as other subdisciplines, to provide contribution to the field of psychology with researches and studies to be done, to provide preventive services to students about various problems that may arise during the education process, to organize personal development activities with expert academics and researchers in the field in order to help students to realize themselves and their basic skills and to recognize and understand themselves. In addition, it aims to organize conferences and seminars to raise awareness about special education and to carry out studies with civil society organizations and individuals with special education needs.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Uğur GÜRGAN

Balıkesir University Radio aims to establish new and strong bridges between our university and the students with broadcasts to be made within the scope of correct and principled broadcasting.
Academic Advisor: Instructor Özgür YILMAZ

To develop the skills of university students in the field of robot and mechatronics which are developing every day in the world and to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge about these subjects. Through the projects which will be made to the members of the Community, the students will face both real engineering problems and gain experience.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Davut AKDAŞ

It organizes conferences to give information about health and life, to educate our students about today’s diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and explain ways of protection.
Academic Advisor: Instructor. Nuriye KARADAĞ

It aims to protect the physical and mental health of our students, to contribute to their growth as researchers and creative people, to organize informative activities about chess sports, to organize chess activities in the university and to meet social needs like resting and leisure time.
Academic Advisor: Res. Asst. İsmail CANER

They offer students the opportunity to watch movies in our university. They also teach photography techniques and tactics to our students every year by giving a photography seminar. In addition to this, the photographs taken on the trips they organize during the year are presented to our students and our people as photo exhibitions during the Spring Festival.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Yılmaz GÜR

The aim of this community is to organize training and seminars on how our university students should treat against natural disasters. To give them information and to teach them how to survive and save lives.
Academic Advisor: Civ. Exp. Hakan B.TAVŞANOĞLU

To target the justice and well-being of the world with the consciousness of a universal fraternity, to provide them with concrete steps to deliver the humanitarian aid they need to needy and oppressed people wherever they are, and to offer them an honorable life. For this purpose, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations to arrange cultural activities such as conferences, seminars, trips etc. In the changing world, it aims to keep the unchanging values alive.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Veli ABA

It aims to provide opportunity for Balıkesir University students, faculty members and Instructors (academic staff) to participate in social, cultural, educational and sports activities besides course and work experience, to promote and educate underwater sports, to endear and spread underwater sports in Balıkesir University and to provide materials and facilities, to collaborate with other underwater communities and similar organizations.
Academic Advisor: Exp. Cüneyt BİRCAN

It aims to provide students with participation in various projects which will be beneficial in academic life by raising students' desire for research and curiosity against scientific studies and activities and to contribute to healthcare, moral, cultural and educational issues and to provide students with a moderate look at scientific studies.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Ömer TOPRAK

The aim of this society is to act authentic and new plays as well as well-known plays under the guidance of our advisors. Additionally, members of this society make short trips to the neighboring provinces and districts in order to perform the plays. Students who are especially devoted to theater are gathered in this society to perform many beautiful plays.
Academic Advisor: Teaching Assist. Güliz Gür ŞAHİN and Research Asst. Kerem AVCI

The aim of this society is to increase the sensitivity of young people to social issues, to help volunteers to gain team and organizational awareness, and to provide personal development through trainings
Academic Advisor: Research Asst. Melike Sultan KARASU

Protecting individuals and society from illnesses, enhancing life standards by improving environmental conditions, informing students about the causes of contagious diseases which are common in society, raising awareness about the health problems caused by smoking, alcohol and drug addiction are among the main objectives of society health care and protective doctor society.
Academic Advisor:

Our university aims to get the students to recognize different cultural and social structures by means of social ideas, to increase the knowledge about social structure, to be able to identify different societies better.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. M. Murat ÖZKUL

The aim of this society is to introduce the concept and importance of tourism to the students. It aims to give information about tourism education and jobs in tourism industry. Additionally, the society aims to discuss the issues related to nature, environment and major tourism types and to introduce important touristic places in the country.
Academic Advisor: Research Asst. Arzu KILIÇ

The aim of the society is to give information about the Turkish Red Crescent, to encourage students to participate in the activities of the Red Crescent, to educate its members, volunteers and employees, to provide trainings about first aid, natural disasters and epidemics and to provide voluntary blood donation habits
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet KÖÇ

To organize cultural and scientific activities on Turkish Islamic civilization, and to organize conferences, panels and seminars with experts to have a better understanding of the Turkish Islamic culture and civilizations.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeki ÇEVİK

It aims to improve the knowledge and abilities of the medicine students, to contribute their professional and scientific progress besides projects and extracurricular educations, to sensitize the students towards to the problems of Medicine Faculty through exchange programs.
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatma Bahar SUNAY

The aim of this society is to strengthen the links between international and nationally trained students and to provide information flow between them, to follow international technical developments and support these developments, to provide students a personal and professional development, to establish links with international organizations and bring international awareness to our university, to establish partnerships with our national firms and to meet our members with the firms in business and internship fairs, to inform our members about thefactory cultures and operations by organizing Project trips as well as technical trips, to organize conferences to meet our members with local and foreign business people, to create a workforce and to support our university in scientific and social projects to be organized in our university, and to give information about the organization of technical project contests
Academic Advisor: Research Asst. İsmail CANER

It aims to represent our university abroad, to make our industry run more productive and more efficient across the world developing and globalized, and to provide the preparation of the students who will play an active role in the future business world by combining the technical knowledge and savings of our university with the experience of the industry
Academic Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr.Sabri BIÇAKÇI

It aims to create a unified Notion of culture and civilization therefore this institution tries and provides opportunities for foreign students and local students to introduce their cultures and countries. In addition, it encourages researching and exchange of information on topics such as politic norms, social events and tendencies. Moreover, archiving data on these studies and integrating these bits of data to daily life. It is imperative that this institution tries and minimizes the feeling of alienation the foreign students may develop. Forming study groups to learn about language problems the students may encounter serves to the purpose of helping foreign students overcome problems related to language barriers. (Meetings, conferences, exhibition, charity bazaar, symposium, etc) It is important for this society to determine problems related to education of these students in order to solve them.
Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Fahri ÇAKI

It aims to develop relations between students in addition to improving communication of the students and administration. Social and scientific events are arranged in which students are encouraged to take on responsibility so that they can be fully prepared for life after university.
Academic Advisor: Assistant Professor Handan TÜRKMEN

Its main objective is to inform students on addictive substances such as cigarette, alcohol and others in addition to briefing them on the harmful effects these substances may produce. Also, conferences and similar events are organized on this matter.
Academic Advisor:

This society is tasked with studying cultures that continue to exist in and around Balıkesir so as to preserve and record these communities who are the building blocks of our national unification and unity as a whole. The primary objective in retaining this information carries the purpose of saving these fine values for future generations to see so that they may carry on passing them on. Research and examination tours, contests, recording of cultural information and values, various contests, seminars and conferences are organized or encouraged and supported so as to achieve these objectives. Several local and national exhibitions are held within university grounds. Also, TV and Radio broadcasts are used to convey such information and the above mentioned data related such cultures.
Academic Advisor: Assist. Prof. Ahmet AKGÜN