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  • Some sport activities are held by Health, Culture and Sport Directorate in order to protect and improve physical health of our universities' student and staff, to make them gain the habit of working with discipline, to make them interested in sport, to divert their energy to this positive direction, to make them work or train in the sport fields that they are interested in to make use of their leisure time

  • Our students and personnel can utilize indoors and outdoors sports facilities of our university. Our students can have the chance to participate in sport teams that they wish by attending the drafts carried out during the education period. Depending on the drafts, sport courses are initiated and tournaments are held within university. On the other hand, female and male teams of our university represent us in intercollegiate sports games

  • Sport Facilities:
  • 2 indoors gyms
  • Semi-Olympic indoors swimming pool
  • Sports centre (fitness area cycling tool and treadmill
  • 1 Football Pitch
  • 6 Tennis Courts
  • 6 Basketball Courts
  • 2 Astro Pitches
  • 4 Volleyball Courts)
  • 1 Running Track
  • Ping-pong Desks
  • 1 Climbing Wall
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