Information For Incoming Students

Balıkesir University provides free accommodation for the first 15 incoming students.

How to apply

Please check that your university has an inter-institutional agreement with Balıkesir University and the subject you are studying is covered by the agreement. The following documents should be sent to Balıkesir University International Office via first e-mail and then mail:

1) transcript of records

2) an official letter confirming your participation in Erasmus+ program

3) copy of passport

4) three passport size photos

5) learning agreement (confirmed by your institution) showing the chosen study program - (in order to obtain information and details concerning academic matters, you can directly contact the relevant departmental coordinator of Balıkesir University or look on ECTS section)

6) application form 

7) accommodation form

8) copy of your health insurance, for information regarding the insurances plz tap on this link:  

ECTS section 

Departmental Coordinators ,plz see the English version of the list at this link.

Deadline for applications for both study and traineeship:

30 June for the following fall semester or full academic year.

30 December for the following spring semester.

Once you application has been received by Balıkesir University International Office, a letter of acceptance will be sent to you.

For the academic calendar please follow this link


University Catalogue


For traineeship opportunities within Erasmus+ please follow this link and fill out the related forms

Contact information for International Office:

e - mail:


phone: +90 266 6121452

Address: Balıkesir University Uluslararası İlişkiler Ofisi, Rektörlük kat:5 Çağış Kampüsü 10145/ BALIKESİR

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