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KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

KA105 - Youth mobility

Call Year 2017



Our project is a youth exchange project that took place in Balikesir with the participation of 40 individuals. As the main theme of our project (youth and body dissatisfaction) closely related to world youth, our target group is all young people, but especially young people who have a problem of body dissatisfaction. Participants were chosen in a balanced way according to their age, gender, cultural diversity and project criteria. Since 2005, our staff, who have been involved in many projects and partnerships in fields such as youth, vocational training, intercultural learning, European Voluntary Service and European awareness, have investigated the problem of body dissatisfaction and body intervention practices that we have observed frequently in youth in recent years and have found very striking findings. According to this, in our age, the ideal understanding of the body originated from the West creates a pressure with long lasting effects especially on young people and women, it can lead them to dissatisfaction with their bodies and even to "hate themselves and from the body". This often referred to by physicians as "body image disorder" is often accompanied by physical and mental health impairment behaviors such as tight dieting, fasting, anorexia nervosa, and so on, in order to reach the ideal body. The most frequently encountered ones are the aesthetic surgeries, body tattoos, beauty products, slimming and body building centers and products, textile and fashion products.

Research on widespread body image disturbance among young people clearly shows the seriousness of the situation. This is also evident in project surveys conducted by our Center.
According to a survey conducted with 2,000 teenage girls in the UK, 70% of young women do not like hundreds and only 8% are satisfied with their bodies. There are many empirical research results that investigate how the sexuality and racial beauty produced by the West and marketed to the whole world affects young people in non-Western societies. For example, the results of research on Angela Mc Cracken (2007) on Mexican native youth give an idea. Mexican young men and women make a special effort to avoid the appearance of locality; For this, men use exercises to expand their breasts, prolong their size, have a stronger body, and at the same time use athletic clothes and accessories.

Based on this brief summary, our proj- ect aims to:
1) Avoid the influence of impressive, incentive advertising.
2) Identifying common body image and dissatisfaction problems among young people, developing awareness of what practices they are practicing and how
these practices affect young people.
3) To produce solutions to the problems of the body image and dissatisfaction between young people, and to share them with other young people.
4) Developing the ability to establish relations between capitalism, the beauty industry and the media, with an understanding of ideal body and beauty.

5) To enable young people to know the value judgments of young people through intercultural learning and to contribute to the formation of Europeanity consciousness.

In order to achieve these goals, our project foresees various workshops, drama, exhibition, presentation, discussion activities related to physical image and dissatisfaction and physical intervention practices and their effects on the physical and mental lives of young people by using experimental learning techniques with active involvement of direct participants.
It is expected that the impact of our project on the participants was as follows.
1) Be conscious about the inner image and the importance of development as much as the external image in the context of the "Take good care of yourself" teaching.
2) To develop insights into the concepts of body image and dissatisfaction, the causes and consequences of practices based on these phenomena (body intervention)
3) Be aware of the close ties between good sense of the body and social culture
4) Developing the ability to establish relations between capitalism, the beauty industry and the media, with an understanding of ideal body and beauty.
5) Developing the ability to resist ideal body and beauty propagandas and make their own choices.
6) Developing media literacy skills in relation to ideal / beautiful body propaganda
7) Developing self-expression and teamwork skills.
It is also expected that the project will contribute to the development of ideas, materials and solution proposals to help young people achieve a healthy and quality lifestyle, and to promote awareness of international and European levels about practices that threaten young people's health and effective alternative methods.


Project Partners:
- Balıkesir University (Turkey - coordinating institution)
- Associazione Culturale Eufemia (Italy)
- Espacio Tecnico de Innovacion y Formacion (Spain)
- Civic Organization "Development and Initiative" (Ukraine)
- Euro Education Federation (Romania)
- Global Union for Innovations, Development and Education (Bulgaria)

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