Food Beverage


In the restaurants depending on Balıkesir University Presidency Health Culture and Sports Center,lunch and dinner are served to the staff and students during the academic year.The meals are 4 kinds with main dish alternative,also saladbar is served.For our students healthy nutrition,food menus are prepared in accordance with the nutritional values and calories of food.The meals are served at affordable prices to our university's students.Also,free meals are served to the students with financial problems. The prices of the meals for the staff and students at Faculties and Schools of our University located in the center and in the rural are below:

Students: 2,00 TL.
Administrative Staff with additional indicator to 1100: 4,50 TL.
Administrative Staff with additional indicator to 2200: 5,00 TL.
Academic Staff (Research Assistant): 5,00 TL.
Secretary of Faculty, Head of Dep.: 5,50 TL.
Academic Staff (Specialist, Lecturer): 5,50 TL.
Academic Staff (Assist. Prof. Dr.): 5,50 TL.
Academic Staff (Prof. Dr., Assoc. Prof. Dr.): 6,00 TL.
Visitors: 9,50 TL.

In the Faculties and Schools of our university,there are student canteens and cafeterias.