Health and Insurence

Medical Facilities

In Medico-social unit, four general practitioners, two dentists, one psychologist, eight nurse, serves. Services are provided in the garden of NEF and Çağış Campus within working hours,.

In addition, students are provided consultancy services related to all kinds of health problems. Treatment services, emergency response, observed, injections, dressings, wound and burn care are maintained.

Through the Ministry of National Education, Foreign students’ expenses for all kinds of health are covered by the Department of Health, Culture, Sports.

Such a unit is not on at the university. However, there is a psychologist in the center of Medico. Psychologist provides consulting service about students’ coping with exam stress, adjustment problems, family problems, self-esteem problems, adolescent issues, and other issues.


Students benefit from health care facilities in the university.

To cover their health costs, exchange students are advised to obtain proper medical insurance valid in Turkey.