Though a large part of Balıkesir takes place in South Marmara, the city has soil both in Marmara Region and Aegean Region It is surrounded with Bursa, Kütahya in the East, İzmir and Manisa in the South, Aegean Sea and Çanakkale in the West and Marmara Sea in the North.
The surface area is 14,292 km2 and altitude of the city center is 139 meters. Consisting of 18 counties and 3 towns connected to the center, the population of Balıkesir is above 1 million. Balıkesir, placed on the soil having a characteristic of transition zone throughout history, is an old settlement having a coast of two different seas.

It is understood there has been settlements around Balıkesir from 3200 B.C. till now.It is seen that Pelasgs having come over the Balkans colonized in the years 2000 B.C. From that date till Turks came to the region known as MYSİA, the existence of such important ancient cities as Kyzikos, Daskyleion , Adrammytteion and Antandros is known. After the years 1200 B.C, Phrygians came under the domination of Lydians and Persians. In 334 B.C, the Great Alexander defeated Persians in Gronikos (Biga) and therefore first Macedonia Era and then the Bergama Kingdom Era started. After 130 B.C., it was connected to Rome Empire and then it came under the domination of Byzantine Empire.