Students Societies


Our university incorporates in 28 cultural societies aiming to help cultural developments in coordination with Ataturk’s principles, improving physical and mental health of students, helping students develop an inquisitive personality, canalizing their extracurricular energy in a better way as well as letting them have fun and socially improve. Student societies conduct their performances such as exhibits, concerts, demonstrations, conferences and competitions in coordination with their academic advisors. Every year spring festival is held on April-May in our university.

1- AIKIDO SOCIETY:Aikido Society aims to preserve students’ physical and mental health, improve students’ development by arranging activities giving information about chess, making activities to raise awareness about chess, satisfying the social needs of students’ by creating chances for students.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr. Barış ŞENTUNA

2- ACTIVE LIFE SOCIETY: This society aims to contribute community members' personal, social, cultural and professional developments without intenting no ideological views and political interest, to provide community members with opportunity of seminars, conferences and technical excursion, employment and internship opportunities.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr. Özay Umut TÜRKAN

3- ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS SOCIETY:Alternative energy systems society’s main objectives are as follow: sharing information about alternative energy sources and the use of this sources, representing our university in national and international competitions, applying theoretical knowledge into practice, supporting professional, social, personal, cultural and artistic development of students, introducing important figures and their thoughts to people and preparing students to social life.

Academic Adviser : Prof.Dr.Bedri YÜKSEL

4- SEARCH AND RESQUE SOCIETY: Our society's aim is to inform our students and surrounding community about resque and first aid skills and knowledge which are necessary in an emergency, disaster (fire, earthquake, flood, etc...) and in the event of a state of emergency and provide necessary training.

Academic Adviser :Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut AKTAŞ

5-RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY:Research and development society aims to make national industry more functional and productive in developing and globalizing world and preparing students for business world by combining our university’s knowledge with industry’s experience.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BULGURCU

6- ATATURK'S THOUGHT SOCIETY: This society has been established to make all students know Great Leader Ataturk's thoughts, notions and modern views about life.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Barış ÖZKUL

7- EURASIA SOCIETY: It is a society which was established for cultivating a friendship, fellowship and enabling cultural exchange between students who come from Turkic Republics and our university's other students. Holding conference and panel about topics is the major service of the society.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi. Bekir DERİNÖZ

8-COMPUTER AND INTERNET SOCIETY: This society studies to enable our students improve in the field of computer and internet in Computer Age we live. It organizes conferences and seminars about the topic.

Academic Adviser: Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Emin KORKUSUZ

9-BICYCLE SOCIETY:The main aims of bicycle society include preserving students’ physical and mental health, supporting students’ development, arranging activities to inform about mountaineering, raising awareness about the importance of using bicycle, teaching bicycle sport using appropriate techniques, representing our university in national and international activities.

Academic Adviser :Assist. Prof. Dr. Davut AKDAŞ

10-BRIDGE GAME SOCIETY:Bridge game society aims to gather people who are interested in the game of bridge, joining national and international tournaments, arranging local tournaments, introducing bridge game in our country and making it much more qualified, setting courses for beginners, promoting the teaching of bridge game in schools, issuing periodical magazines about bridge game, following national and international magazines, creating computer games and enriching the university library.

Academic Adviser :Assist. Prof. Dr. Ziya Aksoy

11-VOLUNTEERS OF ÇANAKKALE SOCIETY: This society raise awareness of our students about Dardanelles War which takes an important place in our history and organizes tours to Çanakkale to investigate truelife events on side.

Academic Adviser:

12-ENVİRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY:Environmental science and technology society aims to create awareness, raise consciousness, making scientific researches about pollution, create public opinion and give responsibilities to the students of our university about the damage on Ozone Layer, air pollution, global climate change, the need of the renewable alternative clean energy, protecting ecological balance.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Elif ÖZMETİN

13-MOUNTAIN CLIMBING AND WINTER SPORTS SOCIETY: Mountain climbing and winter sports society aims to protect the physical and mental health of the students, support students development, organize activities to give information about mountaineering sport, do activities which will make students be interested in mountaineering and winter sports in university, help them form useful habits in their free time, organize daily peak trekking, trekking, rock climbing activities, recreations, educational conferences, seminars and meetings, encourage the students to join federation, other university clubs and special club activities as well as socialize students.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.T.Kerem DEMİRCİOĞLU

14-LİTERATURE, BOOK AND DISCUSSION SOCIETY:This society aims at making university students love literature and especially reading books. They also represent our university in discussion contests by the discussion group which they embodied in. They provide consolidation with the other universities via organising countrywide poetry and fiction contests. They arrange poem performances and conferences and they try to inform ours students by publishing monthly magazines through their own facilities.

Academic Adviser :

15-EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY: Balıkesir University Education Technology Society's general purpose is to research and carry out educational practice-oriented follow-up of rapidly developing innovative information and communication technologies, and entegrate it into education and training process effectively.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Tuncay SARITAŞ

16-ELECTRONIC DEFENSE SYSTEMS SOCIETY:Electronic defense system society aims to improve our students’ development in cultural, technical and social areas, encourage students to search and take responsibilities, bring the members of the society and the experienced people who work in Turkish Defense Industry together and make them work in mutual projects.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Murat Erhan BALCI

17-INDUSTRIAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY: Industrial sciences and technology society aims to support the development of the students of our university, keep up with developing technology and perform works in this area. They promote learning by arranging conferences and occupational trips.

Academic Adviser :Assist. Prof. Dr.Özay Umut TÜRKAN

18-ETHICAL VALUES SOCIETY: This society carry out studies to uncover our value judgments which face extinction and holds conferences and conversations with specialists in this field.

Academic Adviser : Assoc. Prof. Dr.Ekrem DÜNDAR

19-TRADITIONAL TURK FLAVOUR SOCIETY: This society aims to find out similarities and differences between Turkish Cuisine and flavors of world cuisines by ensuring the development of theoratical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities in traditional Turkish flavors.

Academic Adviser :Assoc. Prof. Dr.Düriye BOZOK

20-YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS SOCIETY:Yeni kurulan bu topluluğumuz Üniversitemiz öğrencilerini okul bitince hayatta başarılı olmaları amacıyla girişkenlik ruhunu aşılamayı amaçlamaktadır. Konuyla ilgili konferans ve paneller düzenleyerek konularında uzman kişileri davet etmektedirler.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Burhan AYDEMİR

21-YOUNG TEMA SOCIETY: This new society aims to implant entrepreneurialism in our students to make them successful in life after school. It organizes conferences and panels inviting specialists in this field.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Bekir DERİNÖZ

22-GENÇLİK VE SPOR TOPLULUĞU:This society is in cooperation with TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for combating erosion reforestation and the protection of natural habits) and organizes various activities to raise environmental awareness. At certain times, it launches planting campaings, and informs about annual TEMA meetings and protecting our nature in our city and neighbourhoods.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Nahit ÖZDAYI

23-VOLUNTEER SISTER-BROTHER AND GRANDCHILD SOCIETY: This society works as community volunteers together with the' Institution of Child Protection Agency' and 'Nursing Home'. They behave as an older sisters and brothers of the children living in Child Protection Agency. They work as volunteers of counselling in order to enable the children to take their places in society. Not only they help them with their schoolwork, but also assist them to develop socially and culturally. Morever they behave as volunteer grandchildren of elders living in Nursing Homeand enable them to spend nice time. They use the income which they get from the shows and concerts they arranged to eliminate the deficiencies of these institutions.

Academic Adviser :Lecturer İsmail ZENCİRCİ

24- PAINTING SOCIETY: Studies are still carried on about oil painting, marbling art and calligraphy. Completed studies are on display in the art exhibition which is arranged every year. Studies are carried on in Youth Center and our university's classes.

Academic Adviser : Prof.Dr.Gülhan VARDAR ÜNLÜ

25- FOLK DANCES SOCIETY:This society under the supervision of trainers teachs our region's folk dance as being in the first place and various region's folk dances to the students who belong to this society, and also joins to the various shows and represents our university in interuniversity folk dance contests. Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Sibel MACİT

26-AVIATION SOCIETY: Avıatıon society aims to represent notably our country, our university and THSF (TURKEY AIR SPORT FEDERATION) in competitions both in Turkey and abroad; protect the students’ physical and mental health, support their development, introduce paragliding –an extreme sport- to everybody and encourage them to try this flight pleasure; introduce our society in the areas where the competitions take place, learn the culture of these areas and conserve it.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Mehmet Faik ŞENER

27-SCIENCE AND CIVILIZATION SOCIETY:Science and civilization society aims to support our students cultural, artistic, scientific, personal, social, professional developments in the light of emerging developments from past to the present.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi. İsmail CANER

28-CAREER AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY:Career and personal development society aims to create a career conscious, generate ideas in socio-economic and cultural areas, provide theoretical and practical background about academic career, contribute to the cultural, professional and social development of the students and support their inquisitive and creative qualifications.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Burhan AYDEMİR

29-BIRDWATCHING SOCIETY: Birdwatching Society of Balıkesir University aims to observe,identify and count the birds which attract people with variety of habitats, behaviors and colors and, are the most typical indicators of o healthy nature in their natural habitat; also visit different birdwatching areas, contribute to the nature conservation studies by contacting with different birdwatching societies and provide data for these studies.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Bekir DERİNÖZ

30- LIBRARY SOCIETY:This society's aim is to establish an environment where students of Balıkesir University who devote themselves to the books and libraries can meet and share cultural and scientific knowledge with each other, instill information and a love of reading to the public, raise their intellectual developments through cultural activities.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Yücel YİĞİT

31- LATIN DANCES SOCIETY: This society's aim is to contribute students' social and cultural

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Ceylan ÇAKIR

32- MINES AND MINING SOCIETY:Mines and mining society aims to introduce the mining profession at all points, emphasize the role of mining and mining potential in Turkey on the development of country, inform about the relationship between mining and environment, support producing projects and relations with other organizations, enhance students’ professional and cultural knowledge.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Dr.Nurcihan CERYAN

33- BLUE HOPES SOCIETY (BAMUT): This society also works as community volunteers. It is established to help the trainable mentally retarded students to learn and develop themselves at their special school, to companion them by sharing their pain and happiness in our city. Furthermore, taking care of the students in primary school in the countryside is one of their goals. The income which they get from the shows and concerts they arranged is used to eliminate the deficiencies of the institutions. They support education and teaching.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Ayşe Gül ŞEKERCİOĞLU

34- ARCHITECTURE AND DESING SOCIETY: Architecture and Design Society aims to contribute students of architecture department's social relationships not only between each other but also between real people in the industry. Better recognition and understanding of architecture as a profession is also an aim of this society.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr. Bedriye ASIMGİL

35-ENGINEERS AND TECHNICIANS SOCIETY: Among the major objectives of engineers and technicians society are: raising awareness of engineer and technician candidates about transportation, construction, economy, education, security and every technical activity, supporting their professional, cultural and social development and providing them creative and inquisitive qualifications.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Burcu AYDEMİR

36- MUSIC SOCIETY:Music society includes a Turkish Folk Music Club and a Rock Club and gives concerts.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Süleyman UZUNER

37- SHARED WISDOM SOCIETY:Since every individual has a different cultural background and has different talents and knowledge level, it is shared wisdom society’s duty to unite this richness and benefit from it dealing with sales, purchase, production, conference, organization, education, magazines and books.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Abdülmecit MUTAF

38-ORIENTEERING SOCIETY: Orienteering society aims to support students’ mental and physical development, determination of activity places and increasing the maps, making orienteering camping organizations, giving information about map reading, raising awareness about the ways of struggling with the difficulties in nature and representing our university at orienteering tournaments.

Academic Adviser :Lecturer Nahit ÖZDAYI

39-RADIO AND COMMUNICATION SOCIETY: Balıkesir University's Radio aims to establish new and strong bonds between our university and students within the scope of principled and correct publishing.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Özgür YILMAZ

40-ROBOT SOCIETY: This societ's aim is to improve students competence in the field of robot and mechatronics and raise their practical and theoratical knowledge about these topics. And also, this society tries to enable community members not only face real engineering problems but also make them gain experience.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Davut AKTAŞ

41-HEALTHY LIFE SOCIETY: Giving information about healthy life to our students, giving educations about the illnesses of our time such as AIDS and cancer and give conferences about protecting from illnesses are main objectives of healthy life society.

Academic Adviser : Assoc. Prof. Dr.Ömer TOPRAK

42- CHESS SOCIETY:Chess society’s main objectives are supporting students’ physical and mental health, helping them have inquisitive and creative qualifications, making informative organizations about chess, raising awareness about chess by arranging activities and providing students an extracurricular activity and meet their social needs.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.İsmail CANER

43- CINEMA AND PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY:hey provide the facility of movies to our university students. They also teach the techniques and strategies of taking photos to our students by giving a seminar of photography every year. In addition, they present the photos they have taken in trips, they have arranged during the year in Spring Festivals as a photography exhibition to our students and other people.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Yılmaz GÜR

44- CIVIL DEFENCE SOCIETY:his society's aim is to organize training and seminars for our students about how to act in the face of natural disasters. And also it aims to inform them, teach to survive and rescue one's life.

Academic Adviser :Specialist Hakan B.TAVŞANOĞLU

45-SOCIAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY:Integrating students by making social, cultural, academic and personal activities, supporting their personal and social development and creating secure social places are main objectives of social and personal development society.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Ahmet AKGÜN

46-SPORT VOLUNTEERS SOCIETY:Sport volunteers society aims to make social, cultural, educational and sport activities for students, raising awareness about sport, informing students about sport branches and giving proper education about sports.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Mehmet YANIK

47-SUALTI TOPLULUĞU: Balıkesir Üniversitesi öğrencileri, öğretim üyeleri ve öğretim görevlileri (akademik personel) ders ve çalışma yaşantısı dışında sosyal, kültürel, eğitsel ve sportif etkinliklerde bulunabilmeleri, sualtı sporlarının tanıtımı ve eğitimini yapmayı, Balıkesir Üniversitesi içerisinde sualtı sporlarını sevdirmek ve yaymak, bu konuda malzeme ve olanakları sağlamak, diğer su altı toplulukları ve benzeri kuruluşlar ile iş birliği yapmayı amaçlar.

Academic Adviser : Specialist Cüneyt BİRCAN

48- THEATRE SOCIETY:Besides famous and known plays, displaying as yet little known plays and visiting neighbour cities and counties are important for displaying works of Theatre Society. This society embodies students who set heart on art and especially theatre and reveal good plays at the end of hard studies.

Academic Adviser : Research Ass. Güliz Gür ŞAHİN, Research Ass. Sinem Güçhan ÖZGÜL

49-COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS SOCIETY: This society's aim is to raise awareness of the youth about social matters, teamwork of volunteers ,organization conscious and make them improve themselves via education.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Melike Sultan KARASU

50-COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE AND PROTECTIVE DOCTOR SOCIETY:Protecting individuals and society from illnesses, enhancing life standards by improving environmental conditions, informing students about the causes of contagious diseases which are common in society, raising awareness about the health problems caused by smoking, alcohol and drug addiction are among the main objectives of community health care and protective doctor society.

Academic Adviser : Prof.Dr.Said BODUR

51-SOCIAL IDEA SOCIETY: Our university aims to get the students to recognize different cultural and social structures by means of social ideas, to increase the knowledge about social structure, to be able to identify different societies better.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.M.Murat ÖZKUL

52- TOURISM AND TRAVEL SOCIETY: This society's aim is to introduce the concept and importance of tourism to the students and inform them about this topic. And also it aims to introduce tourism education and teach how to be a good tourism and tourists. Besides that, this society intends to talk over nature, environment and main types of tourism in Turkey and introduce tourism regions.

Academic Adviser : Res. Assi.Arzu KILIÇ

53-TURK RED CRESCENT SOCIETY:Our university aims to inspire the conscious of the Turk Red Crescent, to educate the members, volunteers and personnel, to encourage the students participate in the activities of the Red Crescent, to provide training for first aid, natural disasters, and epidemic illnesses, and to provide the habit of donating blood in our university.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Ahmet KÖÇ

54-TURK-ISLAM CIVILIZATION STUDIES SOCIETY:Our University aims to organize cultural and scientific activities in the country where our material and spiritual presences relating to our past existence, to get to understand and continue Turk-Islam culture and civilizations, to organize conferences, panels, and seminars with expert and authorized people.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Ahmet KÖÇ

55-TURK MEDICINE STUDENTS SOCIETY: It aims to improve the knowledge and abilities of the medicine students, to contribute their professional and scientific progress besides projects and extracurricular educations, to sensitize the students towards to the problems of Medicine Faculty through exchange programs.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Fatma Bahar SUNAY

56-MEDICINE FACULTY SCIENTIFIC STUDY SOCIETY : It aims to get the students to encourage participation in various projects which that will be useful in their academic lives by awakening research and curiosity request towards scientific studies and activities and to look the students positively the scientific studies by contributing in the field of health, moral, cultural, and education.

Academic Adviser : Prof.Dr.Nevin ERENSOY

57-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS SOCIETY: This society's aim is to introduce international activities, schoolarships, European Union Education and Youth Programs to students of Balıkesir University and contribute internationalization efforts by making students benefit from these programs effectively.

Academic Adviser : Prof.Dr.Yılmaz ARI

58-INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC STUDIES SOCIETY: Our University aims to raise awareness about the strategy and strategic management and to contribute the growth of the students as people with researcher and creative qualities to their social and cultural developments.

Academic Adviser : Lecturer Süleyman PEHLİVAN

59-INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS SOCIETY (IEEE):It aims to represent our university abroad, to make our industry run more productive and more efficient across the world developing and globalized, and to provide the preparation of the students who will play an active role in the future business world by combining the technical knowledge and savings of our university with the experience of the industry.

Academic Adviser : Assist. Prof. Dr.Davut AKDAŞ

60-YESILAY SOCIETY: This society informs our students about cigarette, alcohol, and the other addictive substances,and their harms and also it organizes conferences and conversations.

Academic Adviser : Assoc. Prof. Dr.Olcay SİNAN