1. Abstracts must include the title of the proposed topic and its purpose.
  2. The volume of abstracts is about 500 words. Abstracts submitted in ​​Turkish, should also be prepared in English.
  3. At least 5 keywords (both in original language of the paper and in English) must be indicated under the abstract.
  4. We remind you that the texts of the abstracts must be compatible with the topics of the symposium, otherwise they will not be included in e-book and the program of the symposium.
  5. Abstracts should be written on A4 paper (210×297 mm), with an interval of 1.25, justified in width, in Times New Roman font 12 points. The page dimensions should be set as 4cm left, 2cm right and 3cm top and bottom.

To present a paper at the Symposium applicants must fill in the Application Form. Click here for application form. 


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