Dialog I - Iı & Iıı

Dialog I - Iı & Iıı


DIALOG ( Distinctive, Imaginative, Active Learning Opportunities for (new) Generations

The main objectives of this project were:

1) Gaining new insights, fresh ideas, skills, and knowledge abouth youth work abroad. 

2) Offering the volunteer a significant level of knowledge, training, skills, and experience on student clubs and their activities in Turkey

3) Creating opportunities to contribute to the personal development of both the target group and the volunteers

Within the framework of this project the volunteers had a combination of tasks and works:

a) Teaching a European language (English, French, German, Italian, etc.)

b) Participating in the activities of student clubs in the University of Balıkesir

c) Office work at the International Office

Besides these, the volunteers were also given a Turkish course and informal training on higher education




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