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Balıkesir Üniversitesi ; with 14  faculties consisting of   56  active departments ,2  undergraduate schools, 12 vocational schools, 4 institutes, 27 research and development centers, one exhibition and convention center, one health, research and application hospital; has many facilities and staff suitable for carrying out projects. Balıkesir University has approximately 30 thousand students and about 1700 academic (approx. 1277 ) & administrative staff. Among our staff are; in addition to many pedagogues, sociologists ,researchers and psychologists; professors and lecturers from various departments such as medicine, nursing, tourism, business management, engineering, architecture, educational sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts, theology, education of computer and instructional technologies, English Language Teaching, Primary Education and many more. Our institution also has a very qualified  and dynamic international team dealing with Erasmus+ program. Since 2006, we have taken part in many EU funded projects both as coordinating and partner institution. Among some of the examples of the good practices and projects we have been into are;

  • Dialog I, II, III (EVS)

  • Pyramid of Friendship (Youth Exchange)

  • LifeDreams4All (LDV-TOI)

  • Modernity & Traditions (Youth Exchange)


  • Tasting Europe (Youth Exchange)

  • Patchwork Theatre (Youth Exchange)

  • Youth Pride (Youth Exchange)

  • Path-makers (Vetpro)
  • GearedUp4Europe (Vetpro)
  • Youth&Body (KA105) (Youth Exchange) (May 2015)

 Balıkesir University  is one of the leading higher education institutions in Turkey and it is a university in which diversity, independent thought and enterprise are encouraged .What is more, Balıkesir University is among the universities in Turkey awarded with the ECTS-label  and Diploma Supplement Label by the European Commission . With  its deep-rooted history and dynamic character, Balıkesir University offers optimal conditions to both students and staff coming to Balıkesir ,combined with the facilities which serve for different interests and groups.  Balıkesir University is one of the most popular universities in Turkey owing to its location and the highest quality in education. We are proud of  both our international dimension and the local authenticity. Balıkesir University is doing its utmost to grant full academic recognition and facilitate the transfer of the experiences in learning. Our University has a highly skilled teaching staff who are using the newest technologies, laboratories and application areas in all spheres. Balıkesir University has a great many of inter-institutional agreements with different countries and it is a great destination that could be considered for an exchange.

All in all, Balıkesir University boasts its vibrant characteristics and optimum qualities in education and research. It could be a convenient partner for you in your projects ,for it has  everything you might need including a well-founded social,cultural and sportive infrastructure .The accommodation is also available  and it is  a great asset during the implementation of the projects.

** Balıkesir University  offers  to be a partner in your projects and it promises you a  long-lasting collaboration.**


Uluslararasi iliskiler Arastirma ve Uygulama Merkezi Rektörlük Binasi, 5. Kat, Çagis kampüsü, 10145, Balikesir


+90 266 612 1452 +90 266 612 1400 / 101620 - 101621 - 101622

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